B & B at the Water
South Thomaston, Maine
Antique Cars
1963 Austin Healey
This is a 1963 Austin Healey 3000.
1925 Model T Ford
1926 Wills Sainte Claire
1953 Allis Chalmers
1958 John Deere
19th Century Sleigh
1949 John Deere M.
1942 Limo
A 1925 Model T Ford.
This is a 1949 John Deere M.
1942 Cadillac, model 75 formal sedan.
We will be adding a brief description of the 19th Centure Sleigh here.
1926 Wills Sainte Claire roadster. Model T-6.
This is a 1958 John Deere 420 dozer.
1953 Allis Chalmers tractor, model WD45.
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